“The Sweetest Advertisement”

21 years of experience in promotional advertising favors with logo printing. All of our products produced by traditional methods.
Seamless shipping all over the world.
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How Does Our Production Process Work?

Our candies are produced by traditional methods and not strictly produced under industrial conditions. All of our production is carefully cooked by our experienced craftsmen. Our productions are produced in accordance with food regulations with crystal sugar, natural colorants and fruit extracts in 50 kilogram boilers.

Our products are always fresh and crispy, do not stick to the palate. We do our best to preserve the traditional taste of our grandparents’ favorite.

Our production process is not suitable for simultaneous operation with hundreds of customers in large volumes. Traditional flavors can only be preserved by traditional production methods. For this reason, we accept orders on boutique and special production.


Who Are We ?

Ege Bonbon,  went into the action in 1998 under the name of Ege San. ve Tic. and introduced the candy with the logo to the promotion sector.

As the first manufacturer of the candy with the logo in Turkey to produce the highest quality and most affordable price this product, while this is also essential to make customer satisfaction has been our primary objective.

Our company that has gained experience in promotion sector since 1998, has been the first choice of many well-established companies and multinational corporations in Turkey. In order to be worthy of this, our company continues its works.

Why Ege Bonbon ?

  • We use the most delicious and natural candies in preparing our products for you.
  • We keep print quality at the highest level in order to reflect your logo in the best way. We offer you 5 color printing and picture printing options.
  • We do not leave you alone after sales because we care very much about your satisfaction with our products. We listen to and help you with any questions about the products.
  • For your health, we attach great importance to health inspections and quality control during the production process.
  • We offer the most rational solutions in corporate packaging.
  • We do all this at the lowest price you can reach in the industry.

Why Candies with the Logo ?

After entering the promotional sector, candies with logo have become an indispensable treat in hotels, restaurants, health centers and many other companies in the service sector.

The main reason why candy with the logo attracts such a fast attention is that it brings prestige and quality to the company using it. Of course, the quality of advertising is also undeniable.

Imagine that your candies spread to all the places your customers go and your logo is placed in the memory of many people at once. That’s how the number of people who know you is growing. At the same time, instead of offering the customer a normal market candy, a company that has its own candy with the logo always has a better prestige in the eyes of the customer.

  • Prestige
  • Quality
  • The Sweetest advertisement

that’s why Ege Bonbon candy with the logo.